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       企业精神主题词:平常心   进取心    责任心   耐心

       The spirit of enterprise keywords:be aggressive patience. Responsibility


       ★Common heart:Is the "to do what we do," "do what we can do," "down-to-earth, steady development" 


       ★Aggressive:Is the "to do is do, that is the best" efforts we want to do, can do best, let our total customer satisfaction.


       ★Responsibility:We must all requirements and in line with the responsible attitude, all business decisions and actions must be based on the best interests of the shun cheong, and should not be out of personal interests, emotional and interpersonal relationship; Require us to the user (terminal consumer) is responsible for the customer, supplier and distributors to (and other forms of cooperators) is responsible for, employees responsible for, country and society responsibility. 

       ★耐    心:要求我们有充分的心理准备,理性对待激烈的竞争、工作的困难和他人的误解,始终不急不燥,坚韧不拔。

       ★Patience:Request us to make a psychological preparation, rational treatment fierce competition, the work difficulty of others and misunderstandings, always don't dry, perseverance. 



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